Cold rolling mills

Cold rolling mills

Galvanized steel, electrical steel, stainless steel, high resistance steel… no matter what is your product, we have a solution adapted for you.

Castellini, with its two Business Units, supply complex machines as Skin pass or Levellers and technological application as the laser Coil to Coil Welding unit.

People, products and technology

Different approaches, same quality

We produce technologically-advanced solutions very complex machines and components, but it is people that made the history of our company.
Nowadays, Castellini’s human resources bring to the market our double soul of manufacturing and technological solutions, with a common attention to customers and to their needs at every stage of the process.

Machining and Solutions are the complementary souls of Castellini that share the same identity, and offer to the steel industry a set of innovative processing equipment, services and technologies.

Mechanical equipments

Steel processing requires complex machines and equipment, which boast reliability among their main features.

Laser technological solutions

Castellini developed its own laser applications of the most critical processes present on a cold rolling mill.

Spare Parts

Castellini has a wide experience in Spare Parts Production for steel producing plants, guaranteeing to the customers the highest reliability.

Tools and know-how

A workshop specifically designed for the construction, assembly and testing of complex solutions of considerable size.


Case Studies

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Other relevant Industries

We provide the industry with high quality components and machine and with cutting-edge technological solutions.
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