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Introduction of Our Whistleblowing Procedure

We proudly announce the implementation of our innovative whistleblowing procedure. This step is a fundamental element in our constant commitment to integrity and transparency, pillars of our corporate culture.


The whistleblowing procedure provides a protected and anonymous channel for reporting any unethical behavior, abuse, or violation of company policies. It is designed to safeguard the rights of whistleblowers while ensuring a fair and impartial review of every report.


Reports can be made through various means, including a dedicated online portal and a confidential telephone line. This ensures maximum accessibility and ease of use for our employees and stakeholders.


Moreover, we have implemented a stringent protocol for handling reports. This protocol ensures that each case is examined with utmost seriousness, respecting privacy and confidentiality. Our team of compliance experts is prepared to act promptly to investigate and resolve any issues.


Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels safe to raise concerns, knowing that their voices will be heard and taken seriously. We believe this procedure will not only increase trust and honesty within the organization but also serve as an effective deterrent against any improper behavior.


We encourage all our employees and collaborators to consult the new procedure.


For access the whistleblowing procedure, please click below to access the dedicated portal.

Beatrice Castellini
“An ethical and honest work environment must be able to offer a safe listening to every voice”

Beatrice Castellini

Communication & Sustainability Manager