Screwdown screws & nuts

Screwdown screws & nuts

Castellini supplies screwdown screws & nuts since years in different dimensions from the smallest to the biggest as for instance 5000 mm plate mill.

The complexity of the machining and the high tollerance of the screw and nut force us to have the most well equiped and mantained turning and milling machines. Fully skilled operators are executing the job in the most reliable way.


Precision without compromises

The most critical operations connected with the fabbrication of the screwdown screws & nuts is connected to the machining of the main threads of both pieces.


Quality controls for such large and complex machined components are part of Castellini know how. Our team is committed to guarantee our customers a constant and reliable quality of all our products. In order to verify the connection of the screw and nut a prussian blue test is always performed.

Alessandro Parzani
“Precision is a way of thinking. This is the only way to guarantee the quality that our customer needs.”

Alessandro Parzani

Chief Sales Officer – Machining Business Unit

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