Balancing, bending & shifting blocks

Balancing, bending & shifting blocks

Castellini produces balancing, bending and shifting blocks intended for rolls and shifting equipment of any type, including for hot and cold rolling mills.

Balancing, bending and shifting blocks for hot and cold rolling mills for steel and aluminum, conventional Mae-West blocks, special and heavy balancing blocks for Wide Plate Mills and for Steckel Mills, … no matter what application they are produced for, Castellini manufactures them.


A complex job from the beginning till the final installation

Balancing, bending and shifting blocks are fully manufactured and assembled by Castellini starting from the production of the smaller component till the final commissioning and installation.

All Balancing, bending and shifting blocks produced, are tested in our dedicated testing rig to guarantee the perfect operation once installed.

Alessandro Parzani
Balancing, bending, shifting blocks are produced to match the highest customer’s expectations. Contact us for more information.

Alessandro Parzani

Chief Sales Officer – Machining Business Unit

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