Castellini is committed to a sustainable future from all point of view. We are every day working to make our projects, our production and our innovations a little more green, neutral, environmentally and socially friendly.

Florenzo Castellini
“Our commitment is to leave to future generations a sustainable and innovative project centered on the ability to adapt itself to the continuous and the increasingly challenging changes.”

Florenzo Castellini


Safeguarding our planet

Green production site

Environment and its protection are landmark values that drive the company’s activity. Castellini works to reduce the environmental impact of its production processes, and to raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation among its employees. In 2017 Castellini inaugurated the new production site, erected to be the most innovative, optimized and sustainable workshop. With a total area of 65.000 square meter the production site is granting an advanced approach to the mechanical operation.


Green building

The building covering more than 22.000 square meters have been designed and erected using as much as possible recyclable materials and, despite its dimension, guaranteeing a very low environmental impact and a high thermal efficiency.


500 kW from the sun

Over 40% of the yearly energy required to run the facility is internally generated clean energy! We are a lucky sunny country and we have to thanks for this!


Geothermal technology

The 1800 square meters of office building, designed to be in class "A", is warmed during winter and cooled during summer with a modern and efficient geothermal plant, guaranteeing a low consumption and a low impact to the planet and to the global warming.


Industry can be green

The production area is covering less than 50% of the industrial site, leaving space to a large green area where trees are growing and producing oxygen! All the green area is irrigated exploiting clean recovered water, preserving the precious potable water
To be green is a promise for the future of our childs. We are all responsible to leave this world a little better than we found it. (cit. BP)

Green Production

We like sustainable projects

During the 70 years of history of our company, we worked in various different fields and with different target. the project that we liked more are the one having a sustainable return in the future application. Here some examples:


Optimization of the GOES

The optimization of the magnetic characteristics of the Grain Oriented Electrical Steel has a small impact in the production aspects, while a very important impact in the energy wasted for the transformation of the electricity.<br /> we are proud to have developed this technology and that now our machines are indirectly participating to the global energy savings!


Hydraulic energy projects

The first project for a Pelton turbine was completed in the 1970 and since then a lot of project have passionate us to this important and critical technology. In 2022 9 turbines have been successfully delivered, to be installed here in Italy, confirming once again the deep knowledge and flexibility of our production team.


Nuclear energy projects

One million components, ten million parts ... the ITER Tokamak will be the largest and most powerful fusion device in the world. The primary objective of ITER is to experimentally attain a "burning" plasma, in which the self-heating of the plasma by nuclear fusion reactions dominates all other forms of heating. Castellini is proud to have been part of such challenging and interesting project!
The Company is committed to reducing its energy consumption, to separate waste collection, and to the proper recycling or disposal of its waste.

Quality of life is business sustainability

We work to have the highest possible quality of life

Quality of working life is undoubtedly new to many and often underestimated, but its impact on today’s employee-centric world is remarkable. The company works to ensure a stable, clean, efficient, and, above all, engaging work environment by offering its employees a happier way of working, and which allows them to achieve better business results.


A place where we feel ourself at home

The facility is the place where you spend most of your time. We work to have a place where you feel at home and where people feel to be part of a larger project.


Calibrated working place

We work in calibrated and studied operative spaces with enlightening ration 250% higher than what is required by the building standards with advantages for our teams and partners


Natural light in the workshop

Also the operative workshop has been studied to support our production and assembling teams to keep high their quality of life. The workshop, despite its 24 meter height is heated efficiently and the roof design guarantees 45% of natural light on the operative posts.

Safeguarding our planet

Green innovation

Be a partner, not vendor
Always attentive to the needs of customers, we propose the perfect technological solution to meet their requirements, and we sustain constant dialogue and interaction along every stage of the process.


Be a team
This is the axis around which our values rotate and take shape, formed through the expression of the competence of each individual in the group.

Technology, Know-how and Industry 4.0
Customer needs are the driving force behind Castellini Solution’s activities.


Green is the opportunity
Safeguarding our planet is an ethical and moral obligation that entails constraints for industry. We transform Green constraints into opportunities to revolutionise production processes.