Ship building

Ship building

Ship building is one of the most growing market nowadays and the ship building technology is evolving very fast. In Castellini you can find the most advanced and innovative technologies for your shipyard.

The strong know-how in laser technology applications together with the consolidated competence in managing components of extraordinary dimension are combined in the utmost advanced ship panel production lines.

High thickness welding

The laser application in the ship building process

In the naval applications, as well as for infrastructure and construction sectors, welding of thick plates (>15 mm) has become of crucial importance. Nowadays, the common techniques involve several passes of traditional Gas-Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) to fill a gap with a precise geometry. These techniques are, inevitably, time consuming due to the necessity of multiple passes, material consuming because of the volume of the gap which needs to be filled and complicated due to the precise preparation of the joints.


To overcome these drawbacks, we propose here a Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding (HLAW) technique in a configuration which allowed us to achieve a sound weld of two plates, 20 mm thick, of naval steel EH40 in a single pass.


The most important result of this research is that the welds is performed in a simple butt configuration, with straight edges of the plates and without any chamfer or additional preparation. Moreover, the process guarantees the stability and the solidity of the process over long plates.


This result opens the way to a faster, more reliable, and less costly process for the welding of thick plates.

Complete integrated Panel Line

Discover our experience and the innovative approach that our lines offer to the ship building market..

OSW "One Side Welding"

Equipped with Hybrid Laser Arc Welding technology (HLAW) is designed to reach a high quality of the welded seam, joining long and with high thickness plates. Thanks to this technology, the thermal distortions of the panel itself are reduced to the minimum.

CMC "Cleaning, Marking & Cutting"

The application of the Laser for these three processes grant quality and efficiency. The unit is also available with Plasma cutting and Sandblasting process according to the customer needs.

SMW "Stiffeners Mounting & Welding"

The automatic handling and welding of the stiffeners and longitudinal beams reduce significantly the manual workload, granting a superior quality, performance and precision.

ARW "Automatic Robot Welding"

The combination of performing automation and precise mechanical work allow to weld, fully in automatic, in all position and in all condition the beams installed on the panel.

Tools and know-how

A workshop specifically designed for the construction, assembly and testing of complex solutions of considerable size.


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