Railways & coachwalls production

Railways & coachwalls production

Trains are lighter, faster, greener and require adequate production processes, managing short production cycle and flexibility in material and shape.

The Castellini welding and cutting lines are designed to guarantee the highest performances and flexibility operating in a completely automatic mode.

High tech welding

The laser welding process applied to the coachwall production

Castellini developed different solutions to perform the welding of low thickness large size plates. All solutions consider the necessity of reaching an extra long plate size with a considerable width. The automatic process includes the execution of the the wall, including all the relevant openings, in a short cycle, considering the exploitation of different thicknesses and different material, matching the specific mechanical needs.

Automatic coachwall production lines

Here are resumed the main processes applied to the production of coach wall, from the more traditional, processing commercial plates, till high tech robotized solutions.

Tools and know-how

A workshop specifically designed for the construction, assembly and testing of complex solutions of considerable size.


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