Skin pass mills

In the steel industry, the production of flat products requires particularly complex machines and systems with a high level of precision.

Castellini has been manufacturing and assembling mill housings and lamination skin pass mills for years. The ability and experience gained over the years allow Castellini to successfully meet the expectations of all customers.


The right tool for the right job

Castellini workshop has been studied precisely to match the specific needs of the steel manufacturing world.

The complete workshop as well as the set of machines and tools are also intended for this scope:

  • hoisting capacity: up to 250 tons up to 17 meters as the highest skin pass
  • machining field: up to 24×6,5 meters matching the largest component of a skin pass


Visit our workshop and discover other specific features.

Attilio Raffaeli
“We have never accepted limits in the complexity of our products, committing to reaching the expectations of our customers, thanks to constant staff training and to a technological and complete machine park.”

Attilio Raffaeli

Production Manager

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