LSM | Laser Scribing Machine

Laser scribing improves the efficiency of the transformers reaching a sensible reduction of the core loss up to 14%

The GOES is the most performing material for the transport of magnetic fields, thus finding a wide use in the construction of transformer cores where the minimization of power losses is one of the most important aspects.

LSM “Housefly”

Technical and process fetaures

The Castellini Laser Scribing machine has been designed to be installed online a processing line just before the last recoiler or offline integrated in a dedicated and independent line. the Laser Scribing Machine has the following maine features:

  • Continuous Scribing process
  • Optimized Scribing width
  • Strip speed adaptable to the line speed
  • Adjustable lines pitch (3-10 mm)
  • No damages on coatings
  • Servo controlled localizing roll position
  • Scanner real-time management system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Smart design for quick installation
  • Pressurized optical path
  • Dedicated pressurized and climatised room
  • Coating Integrity Monitor
  • Core Loss Measurement System
  • Strip waviness detection

Thanks to the long test campaign carried out in the SOLUTION Lab facility and the extensive experience acquired during the projects implementation, the process parameters of the scribing technology have been deeply optimized:

  • Laser power
  • Energy density (see the above graph)
  • Spot shape
  • Coil speed
  • Spot speed
  • Focus position

The result is a deeply and efficient technology like no others.

Global impact

Only in Europe more than 90 TWh of Energy are loss due to the transformers inefficiency. “Using more energy efficient transformers should lead to energy savings of an estimated 16 TWh per year after 2020. This is equivalent to 3.7 million tons less of CO2 being emitted each year, or half of Denmark’s total annual electricity consumption (32 TWh)”

Dedicated to GOES

Laser magnetic domain refinement

The laser scribing process is the irradiation of invisible lines, perpendicular to the rolling direction, that grants a sensible reduction of the magnetic domains dimensions. This effect is called laser magnetic domain refinement.

The net result is the lowering of the anomalous eddy currents, generated in the steel crossed by a variable magnetic field, and the consequent reduction of the total power loss.

Offline processing solution

Complete Laser Scribing line

Castellini has developed a complete solution to reprocess Grain Oriented Electrical Steel coils, with Laser Scribing, as an independent offline process.

The line is able to process up to 150 m/min of electrical steel increasing its performances and fully preserving the steel coating, guarantying to the customer an important added value to the product and a short return of investment.


To guarantee a high productivity, the line works continuously by using the Castellini Solution for coil to coil welding.


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