Service centers

Service centers

The need of XXL plates is becoming everyday more critical. The automatic welding lines designed by Castellini allow to respond to this request without limitation of dimension

The Castellini welding lines are designed to guarantee the highest performances and flexibility operating in a completely automatic mode. The sames can be integrated with a cutting section, completing the whole required process.

High tech welding

XXL Plates without limitatons

Castellini developed different solutions to perform the welding of low thickness large size plates. All solutions consider the necessity of reaching an extra long plate size with a considerable width. The automatic process allow a performing exploitation of the dimension of the welded plate. Possible application varies from trucks boxes to train wall, from crane and telescopic beams to tankers, from…


Technology is cancelling limits!

XXL Plates lines

Discover here the different approaches that Castellini can propose to reach an over-sized plate, starting from commercial plates of different sizes.

Tools and know-how

A workshop specifically designed for the construction, assembly and testing of complex solutions of considerable size.


Case studies

Discover some relevant specific project of which we are proud of.

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We provide the industry with high quality components and machine and with cutting-edge technological solutions.
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