Hot rolling mills

Hot rolling mills

An extreme environment where precision and reliability make the difference. This is the meaning of high quality manufacturing.

More than 75 years of experience dedicated to the production of large components and machines applied in complex production systems that require the highest reliability and performance

Quality and know how

We shape your project

The experience, the professionalism of the team, the machinery and the cutting-edge workshop, allow Castellini to be the ideal partner for customers from all over the world.


Following the specific needs of customers, Castellini supplies complete machines and spare parts for hot rolling mills.

The range of products intended for the steel industry is very wide: mandrels, spindles, balancing blocks, hydraulic capsules, chocks, rolling cages and much more.


Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years, today Castellini is also able to offer re-engineering services aimed to the revamping of industrial plants. Castellini is committed in developing technological solutions that improve the reliability and productivity of the customers’ plants.

Spare Parts

Castellini has a wide experience in Spare Parts Production for steel producing plants, guaranteeing to the customers the highest reliability and precision.

Complete equipment

Castellini has many experiences and references in high complex machines for steel and metal processing industry. here below some of them.

Tools and know-how

A workshop specifically designed for the construction, assembly and testing of complex solutions of considerable size.


Case Studies

Discover some relevant specific project of which we are proud of.

Other relevant Industries

We provide the industry with high quality components and machine and with cutting-edge technological solutions.
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