CCW | Coil to Coil Welding unit

Laser welding technology applied to grant the highest weld reliability and performance in terms of cycle time.

The use of Laser technology for the complete process, including the trimming of the edges to be welded, significantly increase the continuity of reliability of the welded joint, reducing as a consequence the downtime required for maintenance.

Coil to Coil welding

Technical and process fetaures

The Castellini CCW solution grant specific advantages to the coil processing:

  • High welding quality exploiting Laser welding technology (Pure Laser)
  • Constant quality of weld over the time thanks to the edge trimming by Laser cutting technology
  • Fast welding process
  • No over thickness with the application of planishing option
  • No wear or downtime for knife sharpening and maintenance
  • The optical path of the fiber laser is maintenance free
  • Use of hard-wearing components to reduce routine maintenance


The unit give all the advantages in flexibility of the laser welding technology allowing joining of different steel grades and different dimensions (width and thickness).

The unit can be equipped with the complete set of accessiores, including:

  • Integrated puncher
  • Integrated thermal treatment with inductors
  • Side notcher
  • Pinch rolls
  • Loopers
  • 4 points centering devices

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