Energetic & renewables

Energetic & renewables

Since the first Pelton turbine produced in the ’80, Castellini has always been committed to projects with a sustainable return.

To be “green” is today an opportunity. Castellini is always ready to share its mechanical experience to all sustainable projects.

Mechanical sustainability

To produce with quality, means reliability for the future

Castellini, with nearly 75 years of experience in highly complex machines, has a strong mechanical and processing know-how that is a precious added value to projects that require high reliability.


This is especially the case of equipment intended for the production of energy, like turbines or wind towers, that are installed in remote areas or in complex environment, involving corrosion, mechanical stresses and high wearing. Producing and assembling these units with care and quality, grant long life and reliability.

Kaplan Bulb turbines

Kaplan Bulb turbines

Entirely manufactured and assembled in Castellini, these turbines will feed with clean energy a large region in the center of Italy. Discover the partnership with Hydroalp and the Kaplan Bulb turbines project.

Tools and know-how

A workshop specifically designed for the construction, assembly and testing of complex solutions of considerable size.


Case studies

Discover some relevant specific project of which we are proud of.

Other relevant Industries

We provide the industry with high quality components and machine and with cutting-edge technological solutions.
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