Downcoliers and Pay-Off Reels

Castellini supplies, manufactures and assembles complete Hot Downcoilers or Payoff and Tension Reels with high quality and reliability.

Quality raw material, fine machining and assembling experience are the bases of the production process of your Downcoiler. We produce for you any model and of any size, according to your specifications.


How we work

Exploiting the combination of Castellini deep experience in the production of Mandrels and Gear Boxes, we do assemble also complete Downcoilers according to your drawings and specifications.

Nothing is left to chance, because we know that even the smallest detail is essential to the success of a project.

Downcoilers Spare Parts

Castellini is a well known producer of spare parts for the steel making industry, with a specific experience in the production of mandrels and other downcoilers spare parts.
Alessandro Negretti
“Downcoilers, reels, mandrels and relevant accessories are our daily challenge”

Alessandro Negretti

Project Manager & Quality Manager – Machining Business Unit

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We provide the industry with cutting-edge technological solutions. 
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