Castellini supplies winding mandrels of different designs and characteristics for hot downcoilers, cold rolling mills and for Payoff and Tension Reels.

The use of high quality raw materials, the appropriate processing cycle, and efficient heat treatments are essential for the reliability of mandrels.


How we work

Particular attention is paid to checking the correct coupling of the sliding surface and the correct distribution of the grease. Each mandrel is tested, certifying its operation at the minimum and maximum expansion diameters.

All these operations guarantee good functioning and therefore high reliability.

Relevant products

Castellini produces mandrels and gear boxes, but has a wide experience in assembling complete downcoilers and reefs.

Spare parts for mandrels

Castellini produces mandrels components starting from the smaller detail till the complete set of sectors.

Mandrel revamping

Castellini is deeply experienced in revamping projects, in particular for heavy components and equipment as mandrels





Alessandro Parzani
“Mandrels and relevant accessories are our daily challenge. Challenge our capabilities.”

Alessandro Parzani

Chief Sales Officer – Machining Business Unit

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