Ideas, innovation
 and Laser technology

Ideas, innovation
 and Laser technology

Technologies, processing plants and machines and complete systems are developed for various applications mainly based on laser technology, but not only.

Laser technology and its industrial application

Laser technology

Laser technology and its industrial application

Let’s discover the Laser technology and its industrial application in the wide steel processing industry.

Solution’s products

With passion for technology and commitment to the customer needs Castellini Solution team develops innovative and advanced production processes, plants and machines.


A deep technological know how

Customer needs are the driving force behind Castellini Solution’s activities. The proposed technologies are developed in the awareness that productivity and reliability are always the primary requirements, reachable only through an interdisciplinary and profound scientific path. The investment in highly professionalized human capital thus becomes the foundation of every project.



Analysis of the needs and consequent research and definition of the most adequate and innovative technological solution to satisfy customer expectations.


Experimentation and research

Detailed and deep study of technological processes and execution of targeted experiments that make possible the implementation and application of the innovative technical and technological solution.



Development and industrialization of the technological solutions, exploiting the specialized interdisciplinary know how of the project team, up to the production of the processing units.


Commissioning and fine tuning

Following the results obtained in the experimentation process, the unit, before the delivery to the final site, is fully tested and deeply fine tuned to reach the highest possible technological result.
Luca Rossi
“A team well stimulated with a common goal can achieve unexpected results. Castellini Solution bases all projects on this principle.”

Luca Rossi

Project manager


Sharing knowledge to target the solution

Castellini Solution, driven by a strong passion for innovative technologies, collaborates with universities and research institutes, aware that the sharing of know how is the most important driving force for achieving successful innovations.

Simone Peli
“The sharing of personal knowledge is the best incubator of technological innovation that exists, because it favours intuition before ideas.”

Simone Peli

Phisicist / R&D Department