Hydroalp and Castellini

A perfect combination

Hydroalp during 2022 has produced a set of 9 completes Kaplan bulb turbines to be installed in a central region of Italy. Manufacturing and pre-assembling activities has been fully performed in Castellini site. This partnership is a perfect combination of two know-hows destined to last for long time

About Hydroalp


Hydroelectric technology from the earth of the Italian Alps


Hydroalp is an Italian company specialized in the construction of hydroelectric turbines, water to wire HPP, revamping and maintenance services of existing HPPs.


Hydroalp is part of a solid industrial group, with high-level professionalism, a wide range of reliable and innovative products, and an effective after-sales service. These strenghts ensure Hydroalp as the ideal partner for your hydroelectric project.



Low jump, high flow rate, high efficiency

Kaplan turbines

The Kaplan turbine is a reaction type turbine used in a wide range of hydraulic conditions, with low jumps and high flow rates.

In the bi-regulated version it can maintain a high efficiency in extended load variation.

This machine can be made in multiple configurations and the choice is closely linked to the optimization of civil works and for satisfy plant constraints.

Discover an exciting event

Hydroalp open house

Castellini is proud to have hosted the Hydroalp Open House in its facility. Hydroalp presented this wonderful project with the appreciated participation of customers, partners and authorities.


In few seconds of this video you can feel the vibrant atmosphere of a day full of emotions and technology.