75 years of passion

75 years of passion

Since 1949 Castellini has been evolving, adapting to the markets needs, keeping future sustainability, social responsibility and technological innovation as foundation of any action.

Our mission

We provide the industry with cutting-edge technological solutions, in order to improve the quality of products and processes.

Our vision

Innovating your production processes through our laser technology, we want to be your best business Partner.
Nothing is left to chance, because we know that even the smallest detail is essential to the success of a project


Giuseppe Castellini established Castellini Officine Meccaniche.

Paper technology 
and binding

The main activity was construction of machines for the paper-producing sector and for book binding.

Hydroelectric sector

Castellini focused on the construction of large hydraulic servomotors, used for controlling the gates of dams for the hydroelectric sector.

Nuclear power stations

The construction programme of nuclear power stations involved Castellini in producing various components for the Italian PEC nuclear power plants in Torino Vercellese and Caorso, as well as for the French Superfonix power station.

CERN tunnel

The company produced the levelling jacks of the magnets for the 30-km CERN tunnel.

Steel sector

Thanks to the skills attained in mechanical machining, Castellini began to produce machines and system for steel industry.

Acquisition of Restellini

Castellini acquired Restellini, a long-established industrial company specialized in the design and production of machining pipes equipment

Acquisition of Ronconi

Castellini purchased Ronconi, a famous company from Brescia, which previously was a competitor.

Foundation of TTM Laser

As part of its expanding and diversifying process, Castellini founded TTM Laser, which develops and manufactures systems that employ laser-cutting technology for pipes and flat products.

Robot laser welding

Two extremely complex systems were made for ASG Superconductors. They were equipped with robots that used technology to weld the "radial plates" for the new ITER nuclear fusion power plant.

Laser scribing

It was produced a laser scribing for processing grain-oriented steel with high solicon content.

Sale of TTM Laser

Castellini transferred TTM Laser to Bystronic.

Motors for the largest telescope in the world

The company manufactured the motors used for rotating the world's largest telescope, the LBT (Large Binocular Telescope)

Aluminium lamination

The company produced bigger and increasingly complex machines, such as rolling stands for aluminium.

New manufacturing centre

Castellini inagurated its new workshop. which was essential in order to continue and accelerate its growth trajectory.

Creation of two business units

In 2020 we created our two business units:
Machining & Solution
Open timeline

Machining and Solution

The two Castellini Business Units

Our two Business Units, Castellini Machining and Castellini Solution, have enabled us to combine our know-how with craftsmanship in the steel industry on one hand and the capacity of researching and applying innovative technologies on the other.


Castellini Machining and Castellini Solution integrate and complement each other, offering the customers a complete set of skills and total reliability.

Partnerships, references and recognitions

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Fiorenzo Castellini
“We focus everyday to be efficient in all respects. The common approach that we give to all projects guarantees the customer clear communication and trusted management. This means being more than a supplier… this means being a Partner”

Fiorenzo Castellini