Hydraulic HAGC

Hydraulic HAGC

Over the years, Castellini has produced more than 100 HAGC of any size both long and short stroke, from the smallest for the Aluminium Foil Mills to the ultra large used for the 5000mm Wide Plate Mills.

The use of high quality forgings, machining with high precision, assembly carried out with professionalism and tests carried out with special equipment, allow Castellini to supply a product of excellent quality and maximum reliability.

Testing Rig for pressure test

A proper testing tool for all your cylinders

Thanks to the Castellini certified testing procedure, exploiting our customized Testing Rig, your Hydraulic HAGC Cylinders are tested at high pressure, to guarantee to perfect functionality and operation.


The Testing Rig is designed to simulate the real operation at the production site, testing the cylinder in static and dynamic process

Alessandro Parzani
“We are proud of the quality of the HAGC manufactured by our team and the consequent satisfaction of our customer.”

Alessandro Parzani

Chief Sales Officer – Machining Business Unit

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