Levellers & Flatteners

Levellers & Flatteners

Flatness has a great influence on the final quality of hot and cold rolled plates. Plate Levellers increase and uniform the plate flatness, correcting the defects that can be generated by rolling. The stress-relieve function of the Plate Leveller eliminates also the internal tensions that could generate flatness defects during plate dividing, trimming or subsequent processing.

Castellini is able to manufacture and assemble complete Hot and Cold Plate Levellers, for ferrous and non ferrous materials, as well as interchangeable spare parts such as Leveller Cassettes and Hydraulic Force Cylinders.

Assembling capacity

Assembling is an art!

Every single unit is assembled internally in the mechanical workshop thanks to a team of dedicated, professional and experienced people.

Assembling area characteristics:

  • Up to 120 meters for linear assembling
  • Up to 17 meters crane lifting capacity
  • Up to 250 tons in-house lifting capacity
  • A team with unique experience

Spare parts for Levellers & Flatteners

Castellini produces the complete set of spare parts for any model and typology of Levellers or Flatteners, all produced with the highest precision and quality.
Giovanni Abeni
“Levellers and relevant Leveller Cassettes are to be assembled with care and attention. Our team is committed to the highest expectation of the customers.”

Giovanni Abeni

Assembling Manager

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