Among the products offered by Castellini, shears are particularly complex machines requiring a very high grade precision together with a solid and robust design.

The use of high quality forgings, machining with high precision, assembly carried out with professionalism and tests carried out with special equipment, allow Castellini to supply a products, such as High Speed Shears or Slab Shears, of excellent quality and maximum reliability, Castellini complete its offer, including special units as Pendulum Shears, Crop Shears and Drum Flying Shears used in production plants of flat products.

Assembling capacity

Assembling is an art

Every single unit is assembled internally in the mechanical workshop thanks to a team of dedicated, professional and experienced people.

Assembling area characteristics:

  • Up to 120 meters for linear assembling
  • Up to 17 meters crane lifting capacity
  • Up to 250 tons in-house lifting capacity
  • A team with unique experience
Giuseppe Castellini
“Knowing how to deal with it, high complexity became an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our capabilities”

Giuseppe Castellini

Chief Information & Digital transformation Officer

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