The Laser technology and its industrial application

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or simply Laser: a revolution in the industrial application… a revolution in all aspects of our life.

The Laser application

The Laser technology as innovative industrial application

In 1960, one of those scientific breakthroughs which, escaping from the mere academic world, revolutionizes all our daily lives happened: the invention of the LASER.


In little more than sixty years, laser has driven a huge amount of technological innovation in every aspects of the modern society: communications, safety and defence, sensorics, research and medicine. But where the laser plays the starring role is the industrial manufacturing. In industry laser is widely used for many applications spanning from the most common processes cutting, welding, marking to the more innovative such as additive manufacturing and high-speed texturizing. But, despite the hundreds of applications, the earlier definition of the laser as “a solution looking for a problem” is still true.


According to all predictions, the future of the laser is bright and exciting.

Castellini Solution has been accompanying, for more than twenty years, the amazing adventure of the laser in industry.


Powered by a modern scientific approach, the mission of the group is to stay on the edge of the laser technological horizon. The way is to push the more common laser processes to unprecedent performances (cutting speed, welding thickness), to unveil to the industry the emerging beam guiding techniques (laser scribing, laser cleaning), to study the potentials and the perspectives of brand-new tools (dynamic laser beams). The method is… ours.

Simone Peli
“Every day the Laser technology open the door to new opportunities and new application that need only to be developed. What an incredible reality!”

Simone Peli

Physicist – R&D Department