RVP | Rail Vehicle Production line

Flexibility meets productivity. This line has been developed accepting no compromises in the final welded product.

The RVP solution is a highly technological robotized line for side walls, roofs, under frames and long beams production developed for the production of railways cars. This line implements organically different technologies and technical solutions so that it can be considered a benchmark for the car bodies production.

the RVP line

Technical and process fetaures

The RVP line has been deeply automatized to reach the highest possible level of quality, flexibility and performances. The line is able to select automatically different laser technologies, even to be applied to the same production process, as (for example):

  • Pure Laser welding technology
  • Laser Cold Wire welding technology
  • Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) technology
  • Laser cutting


The line is able to produce a complex plate joining plates with different characteristics in thickness, material, shape. here below an example (different gray scale represent different material characteristics):

The line is equipped with a series of highly technological solution and features:

  • Online seam tracking, able to run not linear welds
  • Automatic laser head change
  • Algorithm with automatic adjustment of welding process parameters
  • Nominal welding area: 3.5 x 16 m (max 3,5 x 20 m)
  • Magnetic welding jig for sidewall, under frames and roof
  • Welding report with video of each welded joint
  • Offline programming

RVP line

Characteristics of the Castellini RVP solution

The technological core of the plant is an automated system equipped with 4 laser heads connected to a fiber laser source. The maximum operating area is 3,5 x 20 m. Depending on the welding joint type, the system uses different technologies: gas-welding, cold wire or hybrid. A laser cutting head completes the package.

The productivity is guaranteed by using two magnetic welding jigs. The magnetization of the jigs is operated through an easy-to-use tablet which controls the electropermanent magnets’ matrix customized ad hoc.

Castellini can supply the complete process, from the storage of semi-finished products, to the inspection of finished pieces, all the material handling systems, the multi-functional welding cell with the different tools for applying different welding technology.

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