LWL | Longitudinal Welding Line

LWL | Longitudinal Welding Line

The longitudinal welding technology produce long and wide plates compensating the limits of the lamination technology.

The technology foresees to weld longitudinally together 2 long plates of any kind of steel, including ultra high strength steel, to produce and sell a wider plate comparing the ones available in the market. The weld has the same mechanical characteristics of the original material, or higher, with a very limited aesthetic impact.

LWL “Boomerang”

Technical and process fetaures

The LWL can longitudinally join sheets of different materials and thickness up to 15 metres in length. The typical system applications include longitudinal welding of high mechanical property sheets, such as high-resistance steel sheets.

This type of application requires pre and post-heating systems with cooling curve control to limit the hardness in the molten area and in the thermally altered area.

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