XWL | eXtralarge Welding Line

XWL | eXtralarge Welding Line

When the limits are just to be overtaken, here it come to the XWL lines. XXL plates, with no limitation in size, is a reality.

The need of oversize plates is increasing together with the dimensions of the final goods. These lines are intended for large train, tracks, ships, offshore platforms, large bridges. The largest is the application, the easiest is to understand the advantage of such technology.

XWL Line

The utmost technology for XXL steel plates production

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Limits exist only to be overcome!

XWL line

Technical and process fetaures

The operative concept of the line is to supersede the limits due to the lamination of thin and medium thickness plates, allowing the production of long and large plates.


The line is combining the advantages of the TWL and LWL lines, creating a solution to weld longitudinally the plates, while leaving the possibility to enlarge the final widht of the product without limitation.


The line can operate with different gradations and thicknesses of materials (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, HSS, Docol , Domex , Hardox…).

The line can be equipped with different welding technology as Pure Laser Welding, Laser Cold Wire Welding, or Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (HLAW) Technology, depending by the characteristics and the thickness to be welded.


The unit can be integrated with a laser cutting unit (bevel solution available) to process the large plate into the final dimension.

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