Special costructions

Special costructions

Passion and motivation feed the desire to learn and grow. Castellini Team is aware that the challenge represents unknowns and risks, but that these are always surmountable.


The secret is the team

The whole team lives and participates, since the begininning of a project till the commissioning of the unit, with pride and satisfaction targetting with commitment the succesful results.

Collaboration and participation of the team is the secret to reach the quality expectations of any customer.

Special machines for the steelmaking sector

Different times have been requested to our team to apply its experience in not daily projects. every time this has been a success. Here discover the special projects in the Steelmaking industry.

Hydroelectric machines

Since late 60’s Castellini has been involved in turbines production, with high satisfaction of our customers. discover the partnership with Hydroalp and the recent installation of 9 turbines

Other sectors

Beside the traditional operation of Castellini in the Steelmaking, Energy and Naval sectors, some relevant experiences have been successfully completed in different fields or in specific projects.

Other spare parts that can be of your interest

We provide the industry with cutting-edge technological solutions. 
Discover all the other Castellini’s spare parts: