Processing machines for pipes production

Processing machines for pipes production

Castellini has been operating for several years and has a huge experience in the manufacturing of complex machines dedicated to the pipe production and testing.

These are machines and equipment intended for particularly demanding situations that must guarantee high productivity performance and extremely rigorous quality standards.


How we work

The well equipped machining shop and the skilled staff allow Castellini to reach the high quality requirements of these machines.


Castellini is equipped with a complete set of milling units, with working fields up to 24×6 metres, and turning units, both vertical with a diameter of up to 2.5 meters, and horizontal, with working lengths up to 15 meters.


We produce all kind of machines for pipe production including, as an example, straightening machines, tube resizing machines, racks support machines, sizing mill roll stands or hydrotester machines.

Nothing is left to chance, because we know that even the smallest detail is essential to the success of a project.

Alessandro Parzani
“Pipe process require a specific know-how coming from very long experience in steel making industry products”

Alessandro Parzani

Chief Sales Officer – Machining Business Unit

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