Symphonic Opera Grand Gala 08.07.2023

Gran Galà Lirico Sinfonico 2023

Gran Galà Lirico Sinfonico 2023

A great success for our company and for Castellini Family.


Gran Galà Lirico Sinfonico – Symphonic Opera Grand Gala

Exciting, intense and widely participated.
It was a perfect evening, in memory of our founders Agnese and Giuseppe Castellini.

Over 100 instrumentalists, choirs and corps de ballet, with over 1.000 guests, in the magnificent location set up in the gardens of our company.

A great thanks to all off you that participated to this event!


We would like to thank M° Giuseppe Orizio for making this event possible.


A special thanks to Alessia Pintossi and Fabio Valenti, to the Orchestra Sinfonica dei Colli Morenici, to the Coro Lirico G. Verdi di Brescia, to M° Edmondo Mosè Savio, to the Corps de Ballet “Aria d’Arte”, to M° Roberta Botti, to Massimo Venturelli and to the Theatre Company “La Maschera”.

Fiorenzo Castellini
“What better than music, a universal instrument capable of uplifting the soul and spirit, helps us cultivate the memory of my parents and can be shared with those who knew them, with our co-workers, with our friends and fellow citizens.”

Fiorenzo Castellini


La Traviata 2022

Here some pictures of “La Traviata”, Directed by M° Orizio at Castellini site in July 2022